Keep buggering on! (Week two).

Last week I wrote about Sir Winston Churchill’s signature phrase: ‘keep buggering on… which he used during the war to start each day and end every telephone conversation.  Given how well it seems to have been received (both the blog and the phrase), I thought a week two follow-up might continue to help our collective spirits.

So here – in no particular order – here are seven little things I came across to brighten your day – one for each day of the week to help keep you ‘buggering on’…

Community spirit is way stronger than I thought

Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve noticed this week is the growing sense of community locally, here in Toronto, in Canada and around the world. Whether it’s text messages, phone calls, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram stories, no matter where you look people are reaching out with words of encouragement and creative ideas. Even if you’re living alone, there’s a strong ‘we’re all in this together’ sentiment everywhere.  

New ideas and the hands-free pitch

Owning a small business in these uncertain times isn’t fun and like many I’ve had to shred my own financial forecasts for the year and there’s no question it’s going to be a bumpy ride. As a first step, we’re reengineering as many of our services as we can so they can be provided remotely – the first of which is our ‘hands-free agency search’ which we’re offering marketers wanting to keep search initiatives moving forward so they can hit the ground running once we say goodbye to Covid-19.

Bacon sandwiches

Told you these weren’t any particular order…  This week I rediscovered bacon sandwiches.  Yes, bacon sandwiches!  And bloody hell these are good, having enjoyed them during three brunch breaks this week. Here are two versions – one from Jamie Oliver and one from his friend, Pete.  Which one will you choose?

The best bacon sandwiches ever!

Tips for small businesses and entrepreneurs

This week former CTV colleague, Amber Mac shared an outstanding video to help and guide small businesses and entrepreneurs on rapid pivoting, video updates, newsletters, podcasting and other resources that could help in these uncertain times – have a look here

O Sole Mio

In case you missed it, CBC host, Julie Nesrallah gave a small concert from her fifth-floor balcony, singing O Sole Mio to cheer-up neighbours and passers by. This is just one of many examples of people doing what they can from where they live to keep up morale, inspire and help others: 

The sirens have (almost) stopped

Despite the reassuring clank-clank of construction from a nearby building site, it seemed remarkably quiet at home this week. Why? Well, living in downtown Toronto emergency vehicle sirens are the norm.  This week – nada, zilch, zip.  Whether that’s because there are fewer emergencies with most of us at home, or because there’s little traffic about I’m not sure.  Either way, it’s wonderfully quiet.

I fixed my back. (Really!)

And yes, I fixed my back which has been stiff and painful for weeks! In search of a homegrown solution I stumbled across a back care yoga video on YouTube from Rodney Yee, which goes to show to you can probably fix almost anything with a how-to video on YoutTube:

Oh yes, just one more thing – a small toilet paper anecdote:

For anyone interested I have 34 rolls of toilet paper at home – not including one in-use in each of my three bathrooms.  No I’m not hoarding – it’s about about average for maison d’Argent – equating to about three twelve-packs. But I had to pick-up some paper towels from the corner store the other day and when I checked-out the cashier asked, ‘is that it…?’  I said ‘yes, thank you, it’s all I need’.  She went on to explain there had been a run on toilet paper with people panic buying but if ever I wanted some, she had some put aside for ‘nice customers‘ like me(!)

It’s the little things that give me hope and make me feel a little better!  And I hope after reading this you feel a little better too.

Keep buggering on!


Stephan Argent is Founder and Principal at Listenmore Inc  offering confidential advisory to marketers looking for truly independent insight and advice they can’t find anywhere else. Read more like this on our blog Marketing Unscrewed / follow me @StephanArgent

Photo: jamelah e.
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