Keep buggering on! (Week six).

Here we go again – week six – and this week’s installment that taps Sir Winston Churchill’s signature phrase: keep buggering on… to help keep our collective spirits up. Seven little things I came across last week to brighten your days this week – one for each day of the week – to help keep you ‘buggering on!’

Enjoy this stunning ride

Stuck at home but yearning to get outside and see the world?  Me too. And as a pilot myself, I think I’ve found the next best thing – a stunning low-level glider ride along some coastal cliffs and beaches in New Zealand.  Let someone else do the flying and allow your mind wander a little…

99 year old Veteran raises millions

What started as a way to keep fit to help exercise after broken hip, British veteran, Captain Tom Moore raised over £21 million (about $37 million Canadian) last week, for the British National Health Service, doing 100 laps of his garden.  Donations are still coming in and if you’d like to help click here.

106 year old beats Coronavirus

With all the doom and gloom on Coronavirus statistics, here’s a good news story on 106 year old Connie Titchen, a retired shopkeeper from Birmingham, England, who beat the virus after three weeks in Hospital.

Biggest fall in CO2 emissions since WW2

If you think the skies overhead are a little clearer, you’re probably right.  Forecasts are for a record drop in CO2 emissions as global industries grind to a halt. As an example, people in the Punjab region of India can now see the Himalayas more than 100 kms away, for the first time in 30 years.

Photo: @Deewalia

Joy 4 All

High schoolers in Calgary created telephone hotline ‘1-877-JOY-4ALL’ last week for quarantined seniors to help them stay and feel connected to the outside world. The hotline provides pre-recorded messages of uplifting stories, jokes, poetry and songs to help lift their spirits. 

BBC weather.  Differently.

Here’s a great story on a BBC weatherman, Owain Wyn Evans, who shared a little something extra while providing his regular weather report from home.  For those of you familiar with the BBC News opening music, this will liven things up a bit…

And finally….

A woman in Utah, who’s um… phallic-themed ‘cock-block’ face mask selfie went viral, has raised more than $50,000 for a local charity.  Her unique creations, which come in four ‘interesting’ patterns, can be purchased here.

Photo: Mindy Vincent

There. Feel a little better?


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