Keep buggering on! (Week eight).

Here’s this week’s installment that taps Sir Winston Churchill’s signature phrase: keep buggering on… to help keep our collective spirits up during week eight in semi-lockdown. Seven little things I came across last week to brighten your day this week – one for each day of the week – to help keep you ‘buggering on!’

Animals discover cities

From dolphins near Istanbul to Sika deer at a restaurant entrance in Japan, animals all over the world, have ventured into cities everywhere.

Photo: Darryl W

And speaking of travel, if you’re frustrated you can’t travel, here are a couple of outstanding virtual tours that caught my eye last week:

Some of the best libraries in the world

For a virtual tour of some of the best libraries in the world – click here

Photo: Alexander Annenkov

Pharaoh’s tomb

And if libraries aren’t inspiring enough, take a stunning tour of Pharaoh Ramesses VI tomb in Egypt

Photo: Jamie McNiel

Need a dose of happy?

Here’s a dog that just LOVES water and guaranteed to make your smile this week:

Laid off?  Here’s some free wine.

A west end Toronto bar, Paradise Grapevine, is giving away free bottles of wine to 50 people who’ve lost their jobs because the pandemic. Curb-side pick-up will be offered four days a week.

Photo: Henk Sijgers

The Will Reeve interview

For those of you who missed it, GMA reporter Will Reeves went live in what he thought was a respectable shirt and suit jacket. What he didn’t realize was his uncovered legs were visible during the interview.  He’s subsequently tweeted the incident as ‘hilariously mortifying’

Window on the world

And finally… If you’re still home wishing you were somewhere else in the world, here’s a great site that offers a live-cams almost anywhere you can think of.

Photo: Selda Eigler

Wherever you may be – have a great week.


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Photo: fdecomite
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