Keep buggering on! (Week seven).

If the predictions are right, we’re just over halfway into our lockdown here in Toronto, but wherever you may be this is our week seven in isolation, and this week’s installment that taps Sir Winston Churchill’s signature phrase: keep buggering on… to help keep our collective spirits up. Seven little things I came across last week to brighten your day this week – one for each day of the week – to help keep you ‘buggering on!’

Heart over Iceland

Last week, an Icelandair Boeing 767 flying medical supplies in from Shanghai, flew a heart-shaped approach over Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik before landing.  For those who missed it – here’s what that looked like…

Stay home.  Stay safe.  This will end.

For anyone feeling lonely, anxious, scared of what the future might bring, here’s a little motivation out of Ireland.  And yes, this will end. (Really).

Celebrities getting drunk at home…

From Oprah Winfrey and Ina Garten to Gwyneth Paltrow and Stanley Tucci, here are twenty-one celebrities who are enjoying the occasional cocktail while in quarantine and sharing their endeavours online. Here’s Oprah’s:

The right marketing message (for once)

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of this particular execution, but here’s one airline that got their message right. Why?  Because they made it about their customers – not about them.  And there are hundreds of marketers out there that could learn from a message like this.  Well done American Airlines.

‘Doing’ instead of ‘being’

Ever thought of balancing an intensive work-out by just ‘being’ and concentrating on your breathing?  Well, instead of just running, cycling, rowing or weight-training, here are four exercises to help align mind, body and soul into a calmer frame of mind: Calm yourself.

Thank you

And for the people putting their lives at risk everyday for the rest of us, here’s a collection of perhaps the twenty best ‘thank you to Coronavirus helpers’ videos online.  From celebrity tributes to kids saying thank you.  Here’s my favourite:

Less is more

And finally, some excellent news from Trump’s latest press briefing (at the time of writing at least…) – as Trump held the shortest briefing ever after refusing to take questions following his bizarre statements about disinfectants.

Hope this helps set you up for a great week.


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Photo: Federico Zanone
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