Keep buggering on! (Week nine).

Continuing to leverage Sir Winston Churchill’s signature phrase: keep buggering on… to help keep our collective spirits up during week nine in semi-lockdown. Seven little things I came across last week to brighten your day this week – one for each day of the week – to help keep you ‘buggering on!’

Life inside a TikTok house

Six TikTok creators who moved into together before the UK went into lockdown.  Today they have more than 15 million followers between them. Here’s how they live and work together every day…

Happy mother’s day!

Here’s a great video from Emirates, celebrating both Mom’s who fly and mothers everywhere. Nicely done, Emirates

No ewe turns

With humans in lockdown, hundreds of sheep took advantage of empty streets of Samsun, Turkey this week, and grazed their way through town. (Making a heck of a lot of noise if you ask me…)

The 5 year old and the Lamborghini

In case you missed it a couple of weeks ago, a 5-year old Utah boy was pulled over by the police for driving his family’s SUV. On the highway.  When asked where he was going, he said he was ‘driving to California to buy a Lamborghini’. Last week a local businessman provided a happy-ending to the story by taking five year old Adrian out for a ride in real Lamborghini:

Lightening really can strike twice

Wondering if lightening really can strike twice…? Well, wonder no more.  A Colorado man bought a few lottery tickets and won two – yes, two – $1million prizes in the same day.  Yes, really.

Darth Vader in Manila

And if things weren’t weird enough last week, let’s kick it up a notch to see a village officer in the Philippines dressed up as Darth Vader, riding in a small boat to deliver relief supplies in a flooded Manila suburb.

Ending on a high note…

And finally… it may not be all doom and gloom in the fight against the Coronavirus virus if this story turns out to have merit: 

Hope some of this helps lift your spirits this week.


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