Keep buggering on! (Final edition!)

After ten weeks, this is my last post on Sir Winston Churchill’s signature phrase: keep buggering on…’, written in an effort to keep our collective spirits up during life in semi-lockdown.

While life may not be anywhere near back to the ‘normal’ we once knew, like it or not, it’s time to make plans and create our own ‘new normal’- whatever that may be.  In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing thoughts on how marketers can best adapt, create value and maximize opportunities in the new reality that is our ‘new normal’.

In the meantime, here’s this final edition of ‘keep buggering on’ – seven little things I came across last week to brighten your day this week – one for each day of the week.

Judi Dench guessing punchlines

What’s green and fuzzy and if it fell out of a tree would kill you…?  Just one of the jokes Judi Dench’s grandson, Sam Williams asks her grandmother who always seems to guess the punchline….  A hilarious collection of jokes ans punchlines below or on TikTok at  @/sam.williams1

Looking forward to the world

Over the last ten weeks I’ve published videos from both LATAM and Emirates flying their respective flags to keep their brands top of mind and inspire future travel.  Here’s another airline that’s got the message right – Lufthansa:

50 million plastic pieces

What have you been doing during lockdown? Artist Rob Arnold spent his time in lockdown sifting 50 million plastic beads, car tire dust caps and 300 Lego flippers he collected from Tregantle Beach in Cornwall.  He’s now using the plastic to make artwork and raise awareness for the environment.

108 year old woman beats Coronavirus

Sylvia Goldsholl, who lives in a care home in Allendale, New Jersey, has now lived through two pandemics and two world wars and this week became the world’s second oldest Covid-19 survivor.  A 113 Spanish woman who recently recovered from Covid-19 will likely go down in history as the world’s oldest survivor

Lost track of time?

Have you found yourself losing track of time recently?  Well you’re not alone.  According to psychologists, a lack of routine and daily reference points has confused our own internal clocks. Without these routines and activities, days begin to lose their place in our minds.  More here:

Photo Moody Man

Leslie Jordan

If you’ve not been following actor Leslie Jordan on Instagram you’re missing out.  There are now some 4.4 million who are finding Mr Jordan’s authentic anecdotes engaging and amusing. Here, he shares his thoughts with the BBC on his unexpected popularity during lockdown:

And if you’re sill bored…

And if after all this you’re still bored and lacking inspiration while in semi-lockdown, here are fifty things to do (or at least think about) to keep you occupied:

Photo: Franck Michel

So let’s now close this last chapter with another quote from Sir Winston Churchill to keep you fired up and enthused for the opportunities that lie ahead: 

“Never, never, never give up.”


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Photo: silversolo

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