A visit from the corporate psychiatrist

My new elevator pitch: The corporate psychiatrist.

Let me get right to it and let me say at the outset, I’m not – nor ever have been – a psychiatrist or medical practitioner.  But the title of today’s blog is not as off the wall as you might think.

You see, I met a client recently for lunch who said, ‘you know, you listen to our problems so well, it’s almost as if you were our corporate psychiatrist…’ And as I got thinking about it, it struck me that I’d been given a new twist to my elevator pitch that not only helps me, but could also help marketers define the best time effect organizational or marketing change, or to pull the trigger on an agency search.

Here are some things that resonated on the idea of corporate psychiatrist and signs you might need one (in a corporate advisory capacity) to help redefine, manage or change your marketing or agency partner relationships:

Objective perspective

Sounds obvious, but objective perspective is hard to find when you’re in the midst of managing your agency relationships.  Having someone listen (not just hear) and analyze what’s going on can be invaluable in helping you identify, verify or debunk challenges you’re trying to manage through.

You know something’s got to change

If your current marketing infrastructure or agency relationships aren’t working for you and you want a change, chances are something’s obviously wrong. Before pulling the trigger on change or an agency search, it can be helpful to bring in an outside perspective to help define where the problems lie and what potential solutions can be implemented to create improvement.

Sudden change in circumstance

A sudden (or recent) change in circumstance such as a merger, key staff changes and / or new product or service lines, should prompt an evaluation of your current agency roster to ensure you’ve got the right mix of agencies working for your business. Not doing so may suppress or exacerbate existing problems and cause issues down the road.

You’re ready to look at your own organization

As in any relationship, you and your organization have a significant role to play in whether you, your marketing team and your agencies are successful. Looking inwards as well as outwards is a healthy step in setting existing or future agency relationships up for success.

You know your organization has made mistakes

Admitting your own organization has made mistakes or needs to improve is a key step in setting your organization and your agencies up for success.  A corporate advisory consultant (or indeed your friendly corporate psychiatrist) can help frame mistakes and areas for improvement constructively.

You want to take action but not sure where to begin

A common message from clients embarking on organizational change, marketing evolution, or agency  is  ‘we’re worried short-term disruption may cause more problems than we can solve…’ It’s a perspective that can be debilitating. Outside help and perspective can help marketers get unstuck and find the best place to make that all-important start.

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Stephan Argent is Founder and Principal at Listenmore Inc offering confidential advisory to marketers looking for truly independent insight and advice they can’t find anywhere else. Read more like this on our blog Marketing Unscrewed / follow me @StephanArgent

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